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During the Mechanic Jam, you will be given a term describing a game mechanic. Submissions will be open for 10 days, followed by a two-day voting period. 

During these 10 days, you will be tasked with creating a game centered around the described mechanic. Your goal is to implement the mechanic as creatively as possible. 

The mechanic for this jam is:

Dynamic Lighting

Many games incorporate a dynamic lighting system, so that the player must illuminate their environment to see. Some games use this as a way to solve puzzles, requiring the player to manipulate lights to overcome challenges. Some games use darkness as a hazard, leading players to illuminate their environment to keep themselves safe.

You cannot start working on your game until the 10-day submission period. After the submission period is over, a two-day voting period will take place, during which participants are encouraged to vote on each other's games. During the voting period, you will not be allowed to edit your submission.

Games will be judged on two criteria: Overall execution, and how creative your implementation is. There are no rewards for winners; voting is purely for fun.

Teams are allowed, but should ideally be no more than 5 people.

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Platform / Adventure
Multitask to protect your butterfly best friend
A game about traveling around the world with your brother during the apocalypse, where light is your only friend.
Game Jam submission for the Mechanic Jam 5 - "Dynamic Lighting"
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