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Ever played a game and felt that it meant something to you?

Maybe it left you thinking about relationships, how we interact with one another, or how we deal with empathy, or lack of it.

Maybe it left you wondering about how decisions sometimes might seem binary and that no matter what you choose you always seem to follow the script life plays out.

Maybe it reminded you of that rough patch you went through and helped you realize how it looked from outside. Or maybe it reminded you of a friend that went through one and gave you a small peak into what it's like or how it feels.

Maybe it left you wondering about how your life is an adventure that only you can travel, and no one else, but that it is in the company of others that we find solace knowing we are not alone in that voyage.

Maybe it made you look at everyday tasks and the routine of them, and reminded you that you are not a machine or shouldn't just blindly become a cog in the system.

Whatever the meaning the experience brought you, at one point or another, we have all played a game that left us an impression. In this jam the objective is to create a game that expresses a "meaning" (as in an emotion, question, message or concept) through it's game mechanics. What that experience is, is entirely up to you. It's interpretation, up to the players.


You can create any genre of digital games.

You can use any type of public tool, tech, content, middleware or library for the creation of your game.

You can work solo or in a team. There isn't a maximum number of team members, but taking into consideration the objective of this jam is to make something personal, we do not advise teams with more than 3 members.

By participating you authorize the distribution and disclosure of the game to the general public, with the aim of promoting your work and the event.


This jam will not be going through a traditional voting process. Instead, on the 20th of December, after the deadline, all the jam entries will be discussed at the physical event by anyone attending (I will personally play all the games and would suggest everyone participating to do so also. That's part of the fun.). However, so that not only people attending the event can participate in the discussion, we will be looking at options to stream the event online, besides the possibility of creating a skype/hangout call during this period. Further information on this will be provided during the week.

NOTE: Though anyone can participate in the jam at any point during the week, there will also be a physical event held in the last 48 hours (the weekend). We'll be posting information on location, hours and conditions during the week, on the Facebook post. So keep an eye on future updates.

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A tiny game about the people you meet and the paths we share.
Use hazards to become stronger