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Welcome to the M'Dieval Game Jam!

The goal of this jam is to get more historically-based or -inspired games out there. It doesn't necessarily need to be set in a medieval time period, nor does it have to follow history exactly! You could even make it a space game if you really wanted to, so long as those "cultures of the past" influences are there.

Here's the challenge: pick a culture that you're almost entirely, or entirely, unfamiliar with!

Please try to avoid ones like Egypt, England, Rome, and Japan. Games influenced by these will still be accepted, but why not try something new? At least choose a different time period for them that people might be unfamiliar with if you really want to. The point is to learn something new about a country/culture you might not learn about otherwise. As long as the time period is pre-1800s or so, anything goes.

Here's a small list to help get you started with ideas:

~Aksumite Empire

~Achaemenid Empire


~Kingdom of Kush

~Aztec Empire


~Portuguese Empire

~Papua New Guinea


Again, you can choose the big-name countries, civilizations, and cultures, but try researching some you have little knowledge of.

Any game types will be accepted, as well as genres.

If you have any questions, message me! There's also a Discord.


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Survive on a troll-inhabited island.
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Jasper's Journey through Medieval Finland