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This year, too, you can participate in the M.D.C. Game Jam. It is designed for Godot developers and beginners who want to learn how to make computer games using the Godot game engine. Anyone who makes games as non-violent using the Godot game engine will be considered for voting and rewards. It is also important that the game be aligned with the platformer theme. There will be three periods:
- learning through free video materials
- making games and setting them up
- voting period
The learning period will last until the submission of games (маrch 2020). Games making period is almost three months (ends in June 2020).


"It doesn't matter that you know much, it matters that you apply what you know little."

Learning period

The time before submission will be filled with educational content. Basically, these will be video lessons on the Slavs Make Games portal. You can view educational videos of previous M.D.C. game jam as well as video lessons that are published periodically.

Apart from this, you can learn from paid educational content as well as free content.

- Making games with GD Script (book, paid content)
- GD Script (book, paid content)
- Best tutorial for making 2D Godot 3.1 games (video lectures 15GB pack, paid content)

- Pdf book tutorial for 2D and 3D Godot 3.1 games (book part, free content)
- Advanced gd script new book about Godot 3.1 game engine script (book part, free content)
- Create a game under 9.min (video lessons application, free content)

Game Jam information (making and setting period)

When submitting video games, the following must be observed:
- the game should be made using Godot game engine
- it needs to be non-violent, the player can solve different tasks, but the fight can only be with time or result
- the game should be educational so that the player has something to learn, that is, to have a story
- game creation can be started before Game Jam
- the content of the game should be within the platformer theme
- it should have at least three screenshots and good page at itch
- the game should have an introduction that describes how the game is played and what controls are used in the game
- should have a minimum of three levels and a game-play longer than nine minutes for someone who is playing it for the first time
- max number of games submitted is three per creator

How can your game be meaningful? (good game content)

Ask yourself what the player will learn from it? How does your game help players? Your game might help in solving real-life problems. Maybe they could do something that makes it easier to organize a business or simulate certain processes. Think about whether you wish you were the main character in the game you're making. Also, think about what kind of game you would like to play and what you could make of it?


For every submission according to rules access to the "GD Script" course will be granted. That way, you'll have the material to make the game even better.

1 - will receive unlimited access to the course Best tutorial for 2D Godot 3.1 games. This is 15.GB video lectures content to make any kind of 2D video game.
Award for most innovative game from host is book "GD Script" pdf version.
Award for best graphic and music in game from host is book "Making games with GD Script".

Note: In order to receive the submission award you need to send an email to with the subject "see if I can receive the MDC GJ submission award". In the e-mail you need to put a link to the itch game page.

Voting criteria

Voting criteria for #2 MDC GJ are:
Visible criteria: graphic, music, and play-ability. There are three other criteria visible only in the voting period. Each creator will have plenty of time to play the games of other creators. You will then be able to vote according to defined criteria.

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