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UPDATE: Extended by popular demand (and scheduling issues) to September 13. Good luck!

MBMJAM is the first ever official game jam centered around the hit podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me.

When: August 17th to August 28th September 5, 2015

What: A game jam is when a bunch of people get together to make games, preferably of the digital sort for other people to play. Those games are made in a limited amount of time, usually centered around a theme, and are submitted here for the enjoyment of others.

Theme: MBMBAM Bits: Pick your favorite discussion from MBMBAM and make a game out of it. Dunkey basketball sim? Petting zoo bathroom stealth game? Giant Scott Bakula vs Giant Gonorrhea? All of these, and more, technically meet the criteria.

Useful Links:

The jam will finish up as the brothers make their way through the Pacific Northwest, so we'll close everything out with some sort of unofficial meetup at PAX Prime in Seattle or the Brothers' Seattle show? Announcements to come!

The Rules:

  • Don't be a dingus!
  • Have fun
  • Learn something
  • Make a new friend!

Don't Know How to Make Games?

It's all good! We just want people to join in and have fun. Here are some ways to get involved:

Kiss your dad... square on the lips!

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Save Christmas!
A fun mystery adventure with everybody's favorite DM, Griffin!
Another gooshy #mbmjam goof.
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