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Are your fingers itching to make a game, but don't really know where or how to start?

We can help you with that in our first online Game Jam hosted on! Let's collaborate across disciplines and explore all the different ways we can create!

Our theme will be announced the day of the jam! :raised_hands:

This game jam will be running for 48 hours (with time for sleep of course) with additional resources being shared through our social media and more! So stay tuned!


Theme: Clocks and Books

Some of the core functionalities of every game has: programming, art, audio, and/or design. Some games don’t need all of them, which is still just as doable, like tabletop games that don’t need code or audio.

After submissions, we'll take a look through everyone's games and see what everyone made. Once all games are done, it’ll be just in time for our Dev Days on May 3rd! We're excited to see what you can make!

Never made a game before? Sometimes trying to even start a game is the hardest part! 

A good way to get started is to follow a tutorial in creating the setup and after that, you can add all the other elements to really make it into your own game!

2D Game in Unity:

3D Game in Unity:

Don’t know how to code, create art, or sounds? That’s totally fine too! There’s lots of free art and audio assets available in all game engines. 

Here’s a list of engines, tools, and add-ons that don’t need coding: 

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SDC Game Jam 2020 Submission
Sneak around a library to get your book and get out before being spotted.
May Game Jam 2020
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The Watchmaker is trying to destroy our library! We must protect it!
There's no collision yet haha. Still messing around with the concept, but I hope you like this almost-a-demo!
A puzzle - platformer created in 2 days for the May Day Game Jam, expect a full version soon
SDC Jam Game
Arcade game made for SDC May day jam
Play in browser
There is only so much time for books
Defeat enemies in the randomly generated dungeon!
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Put away all the books in time!