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Welcome to the second edition of MaxiMannor's Jammin' Jam!

If you participated in the previous Jammin' Jam, then you already know how this works, but if not: 

MaxiMannor's Jammin' Jam is a competition where musicians compose a song (around 2 to 4 minutes long), soundtrack, or anything else musical within a 10 day period, while making sure to incorporate a chosen theme (that will be announced when the jam starts) into their projects.

The wacky twist to this jam, however, is that while other jam hosts would choose a word, or a short phrase to be the theme for their jam, I, Maximillian Mannorial, will hand pick out three photos that I believe share a somewhat similar feeling/vibe. I'll post those photos in this very description on the day the jam starts, and then it's your job to unleash your inner demon musicians and create some bangers!


Your track will have to incorporate the following images in it's composition:

(Image credit: Bukubuku on 9gag:

(Image credit: Shen Fei on artstation:

(Image credit: Lucas Gabriel on Pinterest:


Your entries will be ranked on the following criteria:

Overall sound: How good does your song sound? Does it have good mastering? Are the instruments not fighting over who gets to be heard?  Basically, how well made is the song independent of how well it incorporated the theme, which is the next criteria:

Execution of the theme: How well does your song convey the feelings of the theme photos? Can you picture yourself standing in that situation, or doing the action  portrayed in the photo? Does the song, combined with the photo, give you butterflies in your stomach? That would be bad, unless you like the taste of butterflies.

Creativity (New!): How does the composer play with the song? Are there any surprising elements that made it stand out? How creative was the song?

If you have any questions you are welcome to join the Creator's Campfire discord server:, where I and many others will be happy to help out whenever possible :D

If you need help with submitting to the jam, fellow Creator's Campfire member and good friend of mine Chronomatopoeia has made a helpful guide to creating a project and submitting it to a jam:

After the rating period is done, the ratings will be tallied up and the scores will be revealed, the top 3 get a special role on Creator's Campfire, and a firm handshake.

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