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The Mark Jam

Mark is the main character of the Kaboom Legacy examples. This Jam has been created so that Mark, has more than just those examples, Mark wants games! And it is your duty to make them...

Download mark.png

The Theme


Will Mark be able to wield the sword? Or maybe it will be wielded against him?
Think about it, maybe even Mark can be a princess in a cliché medieval world...

Rules and FaQ

  • The game needs have the Mark Sprite
  • The game can't be nsfw
  • Your game really needs have the Mark Sprite
  • I must use Kaboom in my game? Nope.
  • Mark must be the protagonist of my game? No, the fact that mark is present
  • I can edit the Mark sprite? Yes! but whether it is Mark or not is up to the judges to decide (and debatable in a beanegg battle to the death).

Judgement and Prizes

The games will be judged according to 5 criteria:

  • Fun How fun the game is?
  • Creative How creative the game is?
  • Polished How polished the game is?
  • Markness How fun is the integration of Mark in the game?
  • Theme The theme are good applied?

The prize will consist of a virtual trophy, an official Kaboom's Discord role, a place on the official MarkJam website and a REPLIT HACKER PLAN CODE.


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Run from mark, find the sword, kill him.
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After mark has been fired from the jam-making buisness, he found some work as a knight in a castle nearby.
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