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We the Teachers of Game Design and Technology (GDT) and Interaction Design (IXD) at Chalmers University and Gothenberg University in Lindholmen, present you with this first Game Jam of 2023. In this game jam you get to make a game based on a certain theme in just one weekend! After submitting your game there will be a panel of judges who will rate and vote on the games.

Game jams are a fun way to challenge yourself, meet other devs and talk about your games and their progress. And of course the best part is that in the end you will have made and finished a game that you can share with friends, family and your fellow developers.

Are you new to game dev and don't think you can finish a game in such a short amount of time? Well give it a shot anyway,  it's worth a try and you'll probably learn a lot!

Join our  discord server for any notifications about the jam and to meet other participants and hype yourself up before the event!

Please note there are no limits to the type of game you can create for the jam, as long as it fits the theme! Some examples could be computer games, vr games, ar games, boardgames, cardgames, an interactive experience, interactive stories etc.

Also note that if you cannot make the first day it is ok, you have all weekend to make your games!  To participate in the jam please create or log in to your account here on and sign up for the jam. Join our discord server for updates!

Anyone and everyone are welcome to the game jam!

This event will be hosted as Hybrid! So those of you who want to join online please do!

Friday 17th March 2023

18.00 - Welcome Speech and Theme Reveal.

Sunday 19th March 2023

18.00 - Deadline for Submissions

Friday 24th March 2023**

18.00  - Rating and voting end by Judges and the results are announced!

HYBRID: Online and The 2nd floor studio @ Kuggen, Lindholmen in Göteborg

Please note this is a Hybrid based game jam! This means you can either be in-person or online!  For those who are in-person, you have free use of Kuggen to work on your games through the entire weekend.

Please use the discord server to notify about getting inside Kuggen doors as they will be locked (students and staff who study at Chalmers and gu in Lindholmen do have access).

Do note for submissions, if you've submitted your game, do not delete it, if you delete your game you are out of luck. Making changes after the deadline is not possible. Make sure your game is uploaded to if you want to participate.  For physical-based games, try to use Tabletopia or similar platforms so Judges who are online can play your games. Then please link the Tabletopia game in the itch page upload! Please do remember to upload to the itch submission before the deadline! Otherwise, you cannot get any votes on your game!

The games will be rated into 5 categories: Game Design, Fun, Theme, Graphics, and Sound Design.  This is a short variety of game dev aspects, so don't worry if you can't hit all of them perfectly! Try to be creative and stick to the theme though!

After the submission period, the judges have until Friday the 24th 18.00 to rate the games.

Winners will be noted at the top of this game jam page, and be given special tags in our discord server and there are some special prizes from our Sponsor YAHAHA Studio!

Participation Prize

Each team who uses and submits their game by using YAHAHA will receive $100!

Winner Prizes

First place, with using any engine or content you wish, excluding YAHAHA will receive $200!

First place, with utilizing YAHAHA studio will receive $300!

As always we wish all of you the best of luck with your games and most importantly; make sure to have fun! :D                                                                     


YAHAHA is a 3D multiplayer online creation game- making engine. YAHAHA brings 3D content creation to every creator with simple and easy tools and templates. With YAHAHA, creators are part of an exciting new social community sharing creative, fun experiences where the only limitation is your imagination.

Cool introduction video ->Youtube link

Here's everything you need to get started with YAHAHA:

Discord server:

Official website:

Development document:



Workshop Video link: Google Drive

Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg 

These two universities are the hosts for the game jam.


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March Game Jam 2023
March Game Jam 23'
Light vs Dark
A short, interactive werewolf story
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
Irish-themed rhytm game
Submission to the IXD/GDT march 23 game jam
Play as a Mörksugga (a type of troll from Sweden) gather food and avoid light.
Escape from the hospital.
This game was made for the IXD and GDT March Game Jam 2023.
March Game Jam 23 Submission
Barbeque season is coming up, and things are getting kinda sweaty in here. It's time to grill!
Guide ships safely to your harbour.
Football Training Dark and Light Balls
Uncover the deeply unnerving mystery of this desolate spaceship