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Hey everyone, and welcome to ManoMotion's GameJam - ManoMoji. This is a week long event that will take place between 16th-23th of November. The theme of this event is AR Filters that include/interact/use HANDS, we call those ManoMojies.  Our goal as a community this time, is to explore the creative aspect of visualizations and interaction that compliment the use of hands. This is a 100% online event and though we highly support collaboration - please remember to keep distances and  be safe. By the end of the GameJam, the judges of the event will go through your submissions and we will announce the top 3 entries. More info is available below. 


  • You have 1 week to prototype and polish your AR Filters (ManoMojies). 
  • You are permitted/encouraged to work in a team of max 2 people. 
  • A team can submit a project with multiple ManoMojies.
  • A person can be part of only one team.
  • You should make use of SDK Community Edition (either with or without ARFoundation support) and use at least 1 ManoMotion Feature.
  • You should submit a .apk file (Android app) and  and a 1 min video footage of your ManoMoji in various cases  in order for the entry to be valid. **if you face issues with the licensing of an asset send an email at we will provide you with a solution. 

That's it!

Most people - probably including you! - want to make apps, but struggle to find the time to get started, let alone stay motivated for long periods of time.  Therefore, we highly encourage you to make use of our development community and post your progress often on Social Media (Our community manager would be super happy if you used the hashtag #ManoMotion). 

Rating System:

Each submission will be evaluated based on the following Criteria:

Composition - How appealing the filter is in terms of Visuals, Audio, Feedback. 

Creative Use of ManoMotion Feature(s) - Wow..! this is really cool,  how come we never thought of that? 

Storytelling- How easy is for the user to follow the instructions/logic of your filter?

The judges may decide that they want to try your app first hand (thats a great sign) so make sure that you leave your main scene in good shape.


Tier 1: 300$ Amazon Giftcard*

Tier 2: 100$ Amazon Giftcard*

Tier 3: 50$ Amazon Giftcard*

[Special Award]

Tier Pinky: Signed ManoMotion T-Shirt. 

The Awards are intended for the entire team. We will contact you right after the award to arrange the shipment. 

*Due to delays/inconveniences of the Amazon giftcard service, winners may be contacted for alternative giftcard options (iOs,Android,etc).

Matchmaking: Yo are encouraged to work in pairs for this event. Getting to know an other community member is going to benefit you immensely. An other programmer, an other artist, an other ManoMotioner :D. Networking is always a plus. We know it feel awkward in the beginning so reach out to and he will find a pair for you. Of course our Discord channel is always available for getting to know other community  members.

[BONUS GOAL] Our community manager has set a community goal for this event. If 3 submissions or more are made by pairs of teams then he will record a video tutorial of your choice and share SDK PRO trial license with one random participant


What qualifies as an AR Hand Filter- ManoMoji?  Inspired by popular Social Media, an AR Hand Filter is a small experience that conveys a message to its audience. From the magical spells to the puppet faces and balloon poping, a ManoMoji is a short-duration experience that has a clear use case of hands.  Here is some Examples of those experiences Squish Toys  AR Butterflies AR Spells and many many more!

What tools should I use? You should use Unity Engine (we recommend 2019.4 LTS) and SDK Community Edition. If you choose to include Positional Tracking, ARFoundation (Unity Package Manager) and SDK Community Edition - ARFoundation support, are your go to options. 

How can I get access to the ManoMotion SDK Community Edition Tools? You can get access to SDK Community Edition and SDK Community Edition - ARFoundation Support in  

Where can I find the documentation?  The documentation for SDK Community Edition is available at

Can I get some more help?  Of course! Our video tutorials are available in YouTube

Do I need a license or BundleID to use this software? We have provided a free license in the UnityPackage that matches the BundleID so you don't have to generate a new one. 

Can I use external Assets/Frameworks/Music? Sure thing! Make sure that you respect the copyright licenses and ManoMotion will definitely do the same. 

Can I run/debug my ManoMotion project in Unity Editor? No, the ManoMotion SDK Community Edition needs to be compiled to a mobile Device (iOs or Android) in order for it to be operational. If you press play in the editor, you will not get any hand detection. 

Can ManoMotion be supported to my device? As a rule of thumb we suggest to use a device that is newer than Samsung s8(Android) and iPhone 8(iOS).

How do you handle GDPR? We respect your freedom and integrity, our Privacy Policy rules are available if there is something that you need further assistant with, dont hesitate to reach out to us. 


For support and constant feed of updates, join our Discord and follow us on Twitter for any urgent matter, please reach out to  


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Mano Hockey is an AR air hockey game where you use handtracking controls to beat your opponent in a futuristic arena.
A game inspired by the Operation board game where you use hands to perform surgery on a patient.
ManoMojies allows you to place emojies on your reality, even search emojies out of the box!
ManoVitals is a prototype to visualize the user's vitals from wearables (heartbeat rate, pace, etc etc).
Manomoji Submission, Early Prototype of music app development
Use Microsoft Bloom gesture to change the comic pages
Visual Novel
Simple gesture controlled levitation