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I have some friends that i want them to experience the process of game development, so i'm opening this Game Jam for anyone, so go in and make something, just for the fun of it. Just make something, it doesn't have to be complete, it doesn't have to be great, it just has to be a game. You can use any engine that you want as long as they can send a game in the following formats:

.exe or .apk or .html

It would be great if we could play your game on android, a PC or in the browser. You can use any assets that you are legally able to use: sprites, sounds, scripts, as long as you are not breaking any law, it's ok. Try to have some fun working alone or with other people. This Game Jam does not have a prize, but we consider any game (even if in the end we received only one) as a victory, not only for us, but for you. Trying to do something productive at this time is really hard for most of us, and even if it is not functional or is not complete, the point is:

You tried to make a game, and that is AWESOME!


This Game Jam has three themes, you don't need to follow a theme, but if you want, you can use one, two or all of them, the themes are:

  • When winning, you lose
  • Path
  • Replacement


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A basic atmospheric walking simulator. Cancelled.
This game is full of secrets.
Make sure the box don't hint the wall or go to the wrong way!
try and manipulate humans as a slave of the computers
Dig, jump and push boulders to save your cultural artefacts from the miners.
This is game about looking key to open door and move to next room.
An endless runner project
Play in browser
A short Platformer Game
Play in browser
Play in browser
You have been capture by robots and taken away from earth. Fight your way to freedom!
this game is my first game jam game