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hey losers, back for round two?

This is make something. there are a ton of game jams out there, but they almost always have a limit or a rule or something. yeah, not here. this is a jam where you can submit anything. the stupidest shit ever.

it doesn't even have to be a game. make a video on the meme of the decade. make a powerpoint story about bob ross fighting ghosts. make one of those stupid minimalist paintings, and don't even name the piece because you're that much of a snob. poems, pictures, music, anything, as long as you:

1. don't re-use shit. make something ENTIRELY new

2. no homophobia, racism, anti-antisemitism, uhh all that junk. don't be an asshole.

3. if it has potentially triggering subjects,  nsfw, flashing lights or extreme gore mention it in the first line of your description

4. don't use something that's also for another game jam

thats it. 


want ideas on programs to use? i've got you covered!!!!!!

  • Powerpoint
  • MS Paint
  • Pencil and paper
  • re paint a deck of uno cards idk
  • MS Word
  • I heard twine is good
  • uhh thats all i have
  • OH firealpaca is a free drawing software
  • ok thats actually it

now go my children

c re a t e

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