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Make a Defense Game! (if you want)

(you can "simply" make a tower defense game or something other, where the player have to defend something ^^)

there is a rating after this jam, for your feedback (or tell me if many of you don't want this)


- you can use Game engines

- you can work in groups

- you can make and submit more than one game

- you can make a simple game or 3D , whatever you want (you decide about the art style)

- you can use assets, but write from where you got them

- you can use assets you already have.

- you can add a own challenge to yourself and say: I make a TD in one day. or something like this (you can write this in you description) I just want to give that people time, that have much to do.

this game will be rated (by everyone who likes) (or not if many of you dont want this)

Criteria: (for rating)



Defense + Idea

Sounds + Music

Grapic (if its hurting in the eyes or looks normal / special .... simple can be good too!)

Twitter hashtag: #DefenseGameJam

have fun, and good luck and ideas! :)

(there isn't something to win but you made a good game :)

Question? Idea? --> community

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