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Welcome to the Maine Video Game Devs 2020 Holiday Jam!

Hosted by Maine Video Game Devs 


Holidays are a bit different for many this year.  We're looking to provide a time for us to get together and make games!  

This is a game jam for folks living in and around Maine.  We're a large state with a small population so we're trying to make a jam that allows for folks to meet but also collaborate online.  No experience required!  We'll go over the theme, rules and also give a list of resources for folks of all experience levels. 


Saturday January 1st to Saturday January 9th.  We are meeting in the General Voice Channel (Discord link below) at 6 pm EST on Saturday to start the Jam. 


This jam takes place entirely online(thanks COVID)!  We'll meet and go over the jam rules, form teams and then begin to make games!

If you would like to be paired with a team we have a Google Form here: Game Jam Team Formation Form  This is 100% voluntary.  If you'd like to meet up with and jam with new folks this is for you.  If you want to jam solo or come to the jam with a team preformed that's fine too. 

Once everything is set we will disperse for the week.  We'll keep in touch over Discord(link below) and post any announcements on the Community Forums below. 

At the end of the Jam we will meet up again on Discord to present and play each other's games!


  • This is a noncompetitive game jam. 
  • You can make something with premade assets as long as you have the rights to use them.
  • Please no NSFW content, if in doubt check with us.
  • There is no min or max team size.
  • Follow the Jam Theme but go to where your imagination takes you.

Link to references: Game Jam References

Link to Discord:


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