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What's This Jam?

Create a game that is inspired by a tweet by the Magic Realism Bot. The story prompts that this bot creates are so incredible that I wanted to see what other game developers would make of them. You can choose any tweet from this bot, and treat it as the theme for your game. Try to keep the story of your game in the realm of magical realism. It should be based in the real world, but with magical elements that are ordinary to the characters.

Be sure to put the tweet that inspired your game in your submission!

The Bot!

The Rules!

  • The only rule is that there are no rules! Besides the following:
  • The tweet you choose is the theme for your game. The theme is not optional for this jam. You don't have to take the tweet literally, but don't choose a tweet and then ignore it when you make your game. Feel free to explain how the tweet that you chose inspired the game you made.
  • Try to stick to magical realism in your narrative.
  • Include the tweet URL with your submission.
  • Source code is not required, but it's cool if you want to share.
  • Pre-existing code and frameworks are allowed.
  • Teams are allowed.


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The end of the world is celebrating its birthday.
Interactive Fiction
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I love you
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Whodidntdunnit? A short interactive murder mystery with a twist... of the knife!
Visual Novel
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Twelve Professors Join forces to defeat a fairy
Role Playing