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Hey folks!

Helpful Unity Files:

For your main Game Tools 2 assignment, make a game with some autobiographical element. It must be based on your own life in some way (eg, like the first assignment in first year, based on an event from the year before) OR someone you know personally (not a celebrity, historical figure, etc.). You don't need to tell me what's real/not or if it's based on you.

This doesn't mean it needs to be 'realistic' and it doesn't need to be fundamental to the game (ie, wholly biographical), but the game should have a true element in it.

Here are some great games that do this:
- A Pretty Ornament I made -
- Little Party
- hidden my game by mom /
- The Writer Will Do Something
- No Stars, Only Constellations -


Additionally your game must have an element of Magic Realism also. That is specifically, that one element of your game (whether in the story, background or something interactive) should be magical, fantastical, exaggerated or a little out there / out of the ordinary, but regarded as normal to the characters.

One way games do this is by creating unusual connections between different aspects of the game and the world. Such as in Braid where time moves forward/back with the player. Or in Mirror Moon where changing the moon in the sky, changes the planet the player is on. Perhaps your game has surprising controls. If you hit the f key, it floods/unfloods the entire world each time? In Panoramical goes extremely far in this direction where everything in the world can be controlled and manipulated by the player to create musical landscapes.

If you shot a space invader you would expect it to simply take damage, but instead in this instance, it might create music or make the main character hairier! This creates surprise, and good surprises and avoiding the predictable always makes interesting games. Like the biographical element, this doesn't need to be fundamental to the game, but it must be there.

This can also be done in the story or setting such as Kentucky Route Zero, which is set in a strange alternate version of the American South, or We Know the Devil, about three teenagers at a Summer Camp, but everyone who attends the camp might meet the literal devil at the end of the night.

Some games that do this well:

- Wither:
- Ultra Business Tycoon III -
- Blues For Mittavinda -
- Rain, House, Eternity
- Minkomora
- Magic Realism Bot -


And as ever the game should have a strong structure of: Establish->Develop->Twist/Turn->End

The game can be third person, 2d, first person experience, or fungus, or anything. Whatever suits your game idea and you feel comfortable/excited to work in.


Wed 23rd - Workshop with me. Your game should be started. This is worth 15%. If you can't make it to class, email your prototype to '' before 5pm on the 23rd.
Dec 8th - Deadline for game


15% for Prototype due Wed 23rd
- started in unity
- unique aesthetic. Paul will show you particle effects and screen effects, which could help!
- Prototype
- Concept and concept development. ie, know game structure and where it's going: establish, develop, twist/turn, end

20% for Final Game
- How unique it is. Are you taking inspiration from things other game makers aren't?
- How compelling it is.
- How 'complete' it is, does it establish an idea and develop, twist it?
- How well it meets the biographical & magical realism brief
- Displays comfortabless with unity

5% for Online presentation on itch


Mo' Game to Play
- Mystery Channel -
- Beeswing
- Problem Attic

- Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor
- Rat Chaos
- Today I Die
- Starseed Pilgrim
- UN Ep

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A short art-game about mourning, loss and letting go.
Through a routine upload you are implanted with powerful jiu jitsu techniques.
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A game about vague memories from childhood car rides
A political activism bootcamp. Third person 3D exploration/puzzle mini-game with Magic Realism as theme.
Welcome to the E.M.S Chatroom. Talk with the emotions!
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A game where the character finds himself.
Role Playing
A small game about exploring the recesses of the mind... What are you holding back?
You try moving on... you try... and try...
It's the small things that count
Taste the legendary duo of beers at the crown and let yourself feel the experience.
Get as many dinners to the tables as possible!
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Collect spheres to fight your hunter in this crazy maze
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