This jam is now over. It ran from 2018-02-02 06:00:00 to 2018-02-17 05:00:00. View results

Theme: Steampunk Mythology 

Rules/Why is it called madness: 

  1.  Build one, or more. Game(s) around the theme, It can be of any genre. If you are making Art and Music around this theme please post it in the community page. You won’t be competing, but you might want to do it anyways.(You’ll see why)
  2.  You can use whatever software to make your game, though it should be free (You'll see why.) 
  3.  Make sure your games in a playable state 
  4. ( Please provide a Link back to the jam.) 
  5.  You must not use any pre-built assets. With the exception of your own and fellow jammer's art/music/code/etc. (See rule 8) 
  6. ------>Now for the fun part.<---- 
  7.  Allow access to your source code. (Open source) 
  8.  Your game must have a Open source license.  (It can be GPL or MIT.)
  9.  You are permitted to use other peoples projects, as long as you are not a complete copy. You can also use any assets made in the community page. 
  10.  You can contribute to other people's projects. Form teams, or work alone. 
  11.  You must credit anyone who has contributed to your project. 

If you don't want to make an entry, or contribute assets, then please be a critic, and vote on others' projects. 

Reminders and tips: 

  •  You want people to use your code/assets. As you will be credited. 
  • You can upload your project, have someone else copy it, then copy their copy, and have that as a separate project. (as long as it’s not a complete copy.)
  •  Though all code will have to be done with in the jam, Art and Music, don’t. So before the jam begins, post your wanted assets in the community page. 
  • If you clone some one else’s project, be sure to credit them, as they have contributed to your project.
  •  You can take the setting of a game, and use it for your project. 
  • Remember you will be credited for assets, so make as many as possible before it begins.
  •  For those making assets. Please do not use restricting copyright garbage. This is open source for crying out loud.
  •  You may want to use a open source engine, like Godot, or Pencil game engine. Though popular game engines (Like unity and Gamemaker) will probably get you more commits and clones. 

Definitions of a complete Clone: 

  1. The exact same story. (Different Characters, and quests, do not count as a clone) 
  2. The exact same levels. (Changing geometry does not count as a clone) 
  3. The exact same assets (Art and Music). (Remixing the music does not count as a clone) 
  4. The exact same name. (Naming it a sequel or a spinoff, does not count as a clone) 

Punishments: If you fail to follow these rules you will be warned ONCE, if continued your submission will be Removed from the jam For submissions. 

You can provide a link to github or gitgud. if you are uploading code there. 

You will be judged on the following categories: 

  • Story 
  • Gameplay 
  • Art 
  • Music
  • Original Code (Hey Copying and Pasting will only get you so many votes.) 
  • A surprise category

Final note: Don’t get stressed out. This is only a game jam. An open source one.