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Make a game/asset with Defold and win prizes!

Hi! I'm Paweł and I want to invite you to the community game jam!

THEME: Infinite Gameplay

Rules are simple:

  1. Submit any game or asset at any stage made solo or with a team using Defold.
  2. Assign a proper category to your entry (your entry can be made entirely or partially during the jam period)
  3. You must be aged 13 or older (otherwise your parent/guardian needs to submit your creation)
  4. Please be mindful and respectful of your peers! For inclusivity, the game should not contain: pornography, racism, hate speech, nothing illegal etc.

Join our communities! 

Logo & Trademark  Defold Forum: 

disc - Discord Emoji   Defold Discord:

You can also share your stuff on social media using #MadeWithDefold or #MadeWithDefoldJam ;)


What is Defold?

Defold is a free, cross-platform game engine and editor with its full source code available on Github. It is best suited for 2D games, but is a fully 3D game engine. Defold has a really smooth learning curve and you can actually make a game in a short time with ease ;) In case of any questions join our friendly community! If this is your first time with Defold, check out my IntroductionTutorialsFAQExamples or Videos! Defold

What are the prizes/awards?


One of the prizes are keys for games on Steam. There is a pool of games for the best 10 submissions in Overall category selected by submitters and contributors votes to choose one from:



Defold Foundation is fully supporting this jam and will reward winners in Overall category with Steam gift cards:

        1st:               €100 Steam Gift Card
        2nd:                €50 Steam Gift Card
        3rd:                 €25 Steam Gift Card
        4th-10th:     €10 Steam Gift Card

Winners will be covered in my video on Unfolding Gamedev Youtube channel!
Beside of the games I prepared as prizes, I have also a special, cheer-up bonus! For places 10-15 - I will have gifts regarding my game currently being developed - Witchcrafter: Empire Legends!

What can be submitted?

You can submit any creation made with Defold - be it a game, either for PC, web or mobile, or even some interesting software or application you think you can make with Defold, like a simple graphics editor, an animation tool, a todo application or anything like this you can think of! You can also submit a tool, a library or a new, useful asset for Defold :) Let us know, if your creation is a new one, made during the jam period or a continuation of your previous work ;)

When will it take place?

One week: Monday May 8th 2023 14:00 UTC - Monday May 15th 2023 21:59 UTC.

Particularly, the jam begins on the following day/time, depending on your time zone (see the countdown above).

Then there will be a work week voting round up to Friday May 19th 2023 14:00 UTC.

Is there a theme?

Yes, but you are not restricted to the theme and entries won't be judged by the compatibility with the theme. If you want to participate in Game Jam category - your entry must be made during the Jam period. You can submit whatever you like, as long as it is made with/ for Defold and follows the rules ;) However it's always good to have a starting point, some idea, especially, when making a Jam game - so there will be a theme announced at the beginning of the Jam!

Who can enter?

Anyone, from anywhere. You must be aged 13 or older to enter the jam. (Those younger can take part, as long as a parent or guardian uploads the game). You can work alone or in teams.  There is no limit on the number of people per team and people can be in multiple teams. Only one person needs to join and submit the game. However, if others on the team also join, they can be tagged as contributors. (On your game's itch page, pick "Edit" -> "More" -> "Admins" and follow the instructions).

What tools can I use to make my entry?

The only restriction is that you must prepare something with or for Defold :) Then, submit here a version for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and/or iOS, however it will be the best to upload HTML5 build, so anyone can play it directly in a browser. With Defold you can make one project and then build it for any of these platforms easily ;) If you want to prepare a Native Extension for Defold - check out: and regarding Editor Scripts check out: 

Other than Defold you can use any tool you'd like to and have a right to use (either it is a free software, your software or you have a proper license to use it). Some great tools for game development are: RiveSpineFMOD (all with Defold extensions), Tilesetter and Tiled (with Defold exports), AsepritePixel OverPiskelBlenderKenney Tools and many, many others!

What assets can I use?

You can use whatever art and audio assets you have the legal right to use. You can also use whatever source code you have written up to this point or use any other source code/asset, as long as you have the legal right to use it, but add something during the jam period - I mean, if you already made an extension or a game - iterate over it and make an improved version! Check out Defold Assets Portal - all assets here are free to use:

Who will judge the entries and how can I win?

Yes, if you want to participate in Game Jam category - your entry should be made during the Jam period and should fit the theme for this jam - however, you are not restricted and entries won't be judged by compatibility with the theme. You can submit whatever you like, as long as it is made with/for Defold and follows the rules ;) However it's always good to have a starting point, some idea, especially when making a Jam game - the theme will be announced at the beginning of the Jam!

Games and assets will be judged by the submitters and contributors. There are 2 criterias only:

  • Creativity - should reflect you opinion on creativity of game, underlying idea, mechanics, gameplay, design decisions and/or implementations
  • Presentation - this is all about your feelings about the presentation of the game, audiovisual experience, art style, impression
  • Overall - your overall opinion on the game, this will be the main criteria to decide the places of the jam!

The theme of the jam will be announced at the start of the jam.

Your game should follow the theme, but it is not a rule. You will not be disqualified from the jam, if your game doesn't adequately fit the theme. 

Anything else good to know?

Your game belongs to you! We claim no rights or ownership of your game. We do request the right to use your game only for purpose of publicising the game jam. If you take part in the game jam and submit your game, it means you agree to this. If there will be any problem with the reward (not working key, not available in your country, etc.), please contact us ;) All winners will get one game each, so if there will be less than 5 participants in a given category, the rest of the games will not be given to the participants. The same regards Steam gift cards and Arcweave bonus.

It's an unofficial Game Jam driven by a community, however the Defold Foundation support it! ;) Things shouldn't, but may change, for example by requests of peers, just to suit the community as best as possible and we will inform you every time it does.

All product names, logos, covers, images and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos and brands does not imply endorsement.


Happy Defolding!


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