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  • What is this?
    • Lynch Jam is an online game jam for game developers who enjoy the films of David Lynch (such as Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet, and Eraserhead, to give a few examples for those who have stumbled across this jam and are unfamiliar with his work) to develop a game inspired by them in any way.
  • Should I to wait until the jam officially starts on July 1 to start working on my game?
    • If you want to give yourself more of a challenge by making the time limit stricter for yourself, go right ahead, but feel free to start working on your game now!
  • Are there any restrictions regarding what engine I should use?
    • Not at all! It doesn't matter whether your game is made in Unity, RPG Maker, Adventure Game Studio, or Ren'py. Anything is accepted!
  • Do I have to do this alone? Are teams allowed!
    • Teams are absolutely allowed! Work with as many people as you like!
  • Can I keep working on my game after the jam is over?
    • It's your work, do whatever you want with it!
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A David Lynch-inspired VR vignette.