Submissions open from 2020-01-03 02:00:00 to 2020-01-21 02:00:00
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Make a game to mark the New Year! 

The Lunar Jam celebrates starts with the New Year and concludes with a big party on the Lunar New Year

The theme is Lunar 🌒

You can do a lot with that! Moons? It's also the Lunar New Year on the day of the wrap up event! Maybe something about the year of the Rat? No-matter what you come up with, have fun with it!

We're announcing the theme ahead of time, so you can think about it! BUT! Don't start until the jam starts.


January 2nd - Launch event 

We'll have a physical meeting to kick off the jam! If you can't make it, no worries! You can participate anyways. 

January 20th - Jam ends 

Submit your games! 

January 25th - Wrap-party 

To wrap up the jam we will be showing the games at the annual IGDA Winter Party!  Submit your game on or before this date!  The same day as the Lunar New Year!


  1. Late submissions will be shown, but not judged to be a winner.
  2. Games should be made within the game jam's duration. Don't submit games that already exist.
    1. You can use/reuse existing assets as long as they were not created in advance for this jam
    2. Be transparent in your submission about what work you brought in and what assets you used.
  3. You don't have to be in Dallas to participate
    1. Be sure to drop by some time and say howdy! 🤠
  4. Several Community Organizers from the Dallas IGDA and SOP will be judges.
  5. Games should be appropriate to be shown at the event. I won't take the time to list off a bunch of rules, just don't be terrible. 
    1. SOP's community guidelines will be  followed if a game is questionable.


  • Game Jam!!! 
  • Digital and physical games allowed.
  • Theme: Lunar
  • January 2nd - January 20th
  • Launch event and wrap-up event
  • All games showcased at the Dallas IGDA Winter Party
  • 4-winners will receive dedicated booths at the party

The stars at night, are big and bright! 
Deep in the heart of Texas!

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Woah, that looks old...
Drive your tram along the interlunar cable and bring your passengers back home alive.
Help Trump & Putin dodge the incoming nukes!
Play in browser
The moon sings a song of heresy
A short slice-of-life based on an old Chinese myth.
Visual Novel
Escape the Moon is a 4-player, co-op, sci-fi themed, tile-based, survival, tabletop game.
A werewolf who must break his curse without taking a life.
Make all you can out of this moon!