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Create an interactive experience based on dreams to celebrate the release of LSD: Dream Emulator.


The 22nd of October 1998 marked the release of LSD: Dream Emulator, the cult-classic PS1 game.


LSD is an exploration game where the player explores surreal dreamscapes without any objectives. The dreams in the game are based on a dream diary that was kept for ten years. Originally created by Japanese artist Osamu Sato, the game was intended to be unlike any other game available at the time.


In celebration of the original game's release, let's make some games in the same style to show our love for it!


In case you haven't heard of LSD before, here's a YouTube video from Kotaku that explains it far better than I ever could:


  • Make a dream emulator.

  • What is a dream emulator?   An interactive audiovisual experience that lets you explore a dream, or multiple dreams.

  • Whose dreams am I emulating?   Anyone's! You could do your own, a friend's, or perhaps what you imagine someone else's dreams are like!

  • The game should be in some way based around dreams or dreaming.

  • Don't rush or stress yourself! The jam isn't judged, and the deadline is a soft deadline. I'll happily make late submission links for anyone that needs them. The only goals here are to celebrate LSD's release, and make something cool and interesting!

  • You can work with as many people as you want. If you're looking for people to team up with then make a post in the community tab!

  • You can use things created outside of the jam in your entry.

  • If your game contains content of a sensitive nature, please make sure it has content warnings in places that are impossible to miss (the game page, the splash screen, etc).

  • You can make multiple entries if you want, but they have to be different games/experiences.

  • Your entry can be made in anything! You could make it in Unity, Game Maker, RenPy, whatever you'd like! As long as people can play it!
    どのゲームエンジンでもOK。Unity、Game Maker、Renpyなど、何でもいい。プレイヤーが楽しめることが第一。

  • Try to be experimental, see if you can make something unlike anything else.

  • Exploration is the name of the game, create interesting environments!

  • If you can't think of any dream-like ideas, the LSD Revamped discord ( has a channel where people post their dreams (#dream-journal). It's also a great place to discuss the jam itself - we have a channel specifically for the jam (#lsdjam).
    公式Discordサーバーはこちら👉👉👉 サーバーに入って、他のファンと話してみてください!


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Explore strange interactive 3D dream worlds.
dream emulator based on 5 of my dreams
Explore dream scenes. Complete your dream diary.
A game poem about anxiety dreams. Created for LSDJAM 2020.
Surrealist point-and-click adventure game with a touch of existential dread and a whole lot of escapism.
Submission for LSD Jam
Experience full blown panic attacks from the comfort of your personal computer (or psx)
Explore a variety of surreal environments.
LSDDE and Yume Nikki inspired exploration game for LSDJAM-2020
Explore over 28 3d dreams, as you traverse the Chronoverse.
Find all 5 of your orbs in this dream exploration game.
Forces of unknown origins have trapped you in the dreams of countless lost souls.
Explore a world within your synthesised dream.
a dream of strange conversations
Play in browser
A small alien lost in a massive dreamlike world
In Dream Invaders, you have to invade other people's dreams and do anything you can to mess them up .
Play in browser
Join protagonist Rem as she explores the depths of her dreams and where they lead her...
LSD GameJam 2020
Play in browser
Infinite parameter-driven dreams
5 Developers Collab to make a 5 Part Story
Play in browser
A procedual world to explore
Be careful or your dream will shatter.
Visit your ancestors throught the magic which is a dream.