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Woo! Do you ever sit around and play games with your partner on Valentines day?

Well, I do (don't have a partner). And I'm sure some do too.

Are you a creator, game developer,...? Well, you've come to the right place. If you'd like to create a romantic game and submit it to the 2017 Love Jam, then you're in the right place. Once you've submitted your game, you can check out other's games *whispers* and maybe down-vote them, jk, don't do that unless you really don't like it.

Check out the Q&A below to understand more about this jam.

Q: What's the theme of this jam?

A: Romance.

Q: Who can join this?

A: Anyone.

Q: Does it have to be a game?

A: No. It can be anything like a movie, comics, books,... (but still games.)

Q: What would I get from winning the jam?

A: Experience? What do you want? Send me a message: and I'll reconsider your request.

Q: Can't draw, can't write...

A: If you can't draw, work with an artist. If you can't write, work with a writer. If you can't draw AND write...

Actually, you CAN draw (talking to myself be like: are you amazed? no). I know that one of the criteria is "art" but it doesn't have to be good art. I mean, ugly but funny art with a funny story is still considered good (everyone! take notes!)

Q: Does it have to be romance?

A: Actually, you can still create games that's not fully romance but has a least a little romance in it (but we will still vote for the "theme". Don't worry, there are still other criteria that will make up for it.)

Q: Teams?

A: You can work alone or in a team. If you're in a team, make sure to give credits to everyone.

Q: Purpose of this jam?

A: This is completely just for fun. Even if you signed up for the jam and forget to submit a game, it's totally fine (I won't be crying or anything *cries*)

Thank you!

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Pong+Love = this game, you have gf/bf to play pong with?