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Make some games with the newly-published Lost & Found SRD!

If you've ever looked at games like Artefact or Bucket of Bolts and thought "that's barely a game, I could do that!", now's your chance. I've spent the last few weeks putting together the Lost & Found System Reference Document, a guide to the underlying game mechanics of those two games, to make it (even!) easier to make your own game in this style.

I'll be on hand to answer questions during the jam. I'm really excited to see what you come up with!

Rules & Guidance

Entries must use, in some form, content from the Lost & Found SRD.


Hate speech is not permitted in jam submissions, in any form. Don’t use, promote, or normalise language that intends harm based on the rights and respect of physical and mental ability as well as racial, cultural, national, gender, and sexual backgrounds.


If this jam is making you feel anxious or burned out, let me know. I'm happy to permit late submissions.



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A Lost and Found solo journaling game about the journey of a Lost Letter.
A tale of mythic antagonism.
A two-player, haunted house, roleplaying game
A solo journaling game about a Spellbook and its Witches, based on the Lost & Found SRD
A solo journaling game on rain shelters and the travellers that stop by
A solo game about making a religion
A solo journaling game about playing a beloved childhood toy.
a journaling game about the solitude of reconciliation
A solo game about being a haunted house
A solo journaling game about books, maps, and other objects found in the library.
A Lost & Found game about delicious food and the communities who prepare it.
A Lost & Found game of anti-colonialism and historiography
You are a cursed object full of malevolent energy. Your Victims will find out the hard way.
A solo journaling game about the ephemeral things in life and in the world, based on Lost and Found SRD
A Lost and Found solo journaling game, where you play a story as you journey from inception to transformation.
Follow a Song through its Life - A Solo Journaling Game
a Lost and Found game
This is a game about a god
For generations, you have been hailed as a grand repository of knowledge.
Witness the wonder, sadness and drudgery that is the hospital experience.
A solo contemplative game about shepherding your flock.
Solo journaling game about the life of a tree
A Lost & Found solo journaling game where you are a Tavern in a fantasy world
a game to be played in the kitchen
a game of musicians & their instruments
A game of Saints and what they leave behind
A game about how things change, yet stay the same.
A Lost&Found game about a magical item slowly losing its power with each user.
A Solo Journaling Game of Iconic Skyships, their Captains, and a changing world.
a Lost & Found game about a Magical Teapot and all it's various owners