This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-09-26 04:00:00 to 2021-09-27 03:59:59.

Longgame Tech Innovation Jams are about helping you develop fun and interesting game mechanics that you can use later in other games.

Longgame Tech is about promoting interesting, innovative art (especially with Lisp) and sharing it (especially open source).

The jam focus for LTIJ6 is to design a shrink mechanic. This can mean whatever you want! It's simply some inspiration.

Don't feel pressured to make something super intricate or polished; it's more about having time to craft something you find interesting. You can start with a design document for the ideas and build something from it later!

Check out Longgame Tech's Discord server; we have lots of ideas there!

This game jam is about developing fun and interesting mechanics, promoting and encouraging Lisp, and public sharing of art.

Devving with Lisp isn't required. Lisp is a fascinating mathematical macroing language.

"Open source" doesn't have to mean that anyone can use it, just that it's publicly viewable. I personally like dedications to the public domain (this means big companies can't stop small companies from using the ideas). You can simply say "This project is dedicated to the public domain. You can use this art in any project for any reason, with an optional reference back to the source.". An example of that is essentially 0BSD or the Unlicense.


What is Lisp?
Lisp is an abstract language discovered at the end of the second millennium (late 1950's). It is about list processing, usually of symbolic expressions (s-exprs). It is one of the biggest languages for developing intelligent machines (AIs).

What are some ideas and games with interesting shrink mechanics?

What are some resources for designing games with Lisp?
There is a wiki page for game development resources for Racket (a Lisp).

What are some communities for making Lisp games?
Check out these Discord servers: