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Make a place. Something specific and discrete, like one room in a structure, or a single fixed perspective. It can be graphical or text or diorama or desktop folders or anything you desire.

Polly Pocket, The Big City, Chime Shrine, 10 Seconds in Hell

What is idiosyncratic about the place, that would be diminished if it were universalized to fit inside a larger work?
Are you trying to tell a story through the place or just focus on the feel?
What can you see from the place that you can't reach?

Resources (feel free to suggest more accessible tools)

Twine (hypertext)

Unity (3D)

Gamemaker / Construct (2D)

RPGMaker (topdown rpg format)

Tyranobuilder (visual novels)

Inform (parser)

SketchFab (upload 3D models for viewing)

MagicaVoxel (8-bit voxel editor and interactive path tracing renderer

Vertex Meadow (make explorable 3D places using a 2D paint-program-like interface)

run by Porpentine, who you can reach here. logo & bg by neotenomie


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a hardware megastore to walk around in
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draw constellations and share them
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And you know it, don't you?
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rummage through some kid's desk
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What makes a place special?
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A series of procedural snapshots of the sea.
Objectiveless Noise Hell
A naturalistic depiction of the work of a nightwatchman
this strange room leads to other strange rooms, or so I hear...
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Fall through an endless void
A Game About Personal Histories And Small Rooms For 2+ Players
A small part of a ruin in a pond.
You're trapped on a flying island but you don't really mind.
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for locusjam
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A reflection on the spending of too much time in my room
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A walk through someone else's apartment.
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beautiful cabinet sim
You're a puppy.
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1st rpgmaker trial. Antiasylum - do your bed
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one room with an orange streetlight outside the window permanent sunset
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half remembered, half dreamt
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waking up
a confession.
the cyclops wars await
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Dragons need hunting like forests need fires