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Create a simple local multiplayer game with any theme you want.

To Pass:
- Upload something playable

Extra marks for:
- Include topics we covered in class such as triggers, raycasting and physics
- Create art and bring it into the game
- Have a win/lose state
- Making something surprising

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Multiplayer, Defeat opposing player by scaling the tower or shooting them to death!
Dodge the bats in the cave and grab the most loot
A 2 Player fast paced fighting game in which you battle to become the President of the United States of America
Play in browser
Play in browser
Race among the clouds and claim as many squares as your own!
Play against a friend and see who can survive the longest from dodging obstacles falling from the sky
A local two player game about fighting for the rule of a kingdom!
A short 2 player game.
A local 2-player shooter!
Heated multiplayer platform racer with a whopping 7 gears to switch between.
The great game of Magic Flying Disc