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Due to COVID-19 our ordinary scheduled Spring Game Jam will take place online.


  • The game jam takes place during a weekend starting on Friday evening Central European Summer Time (GMT+2). 
  • Main communication channel is LiU Game Jam's Discord. Official communication will be in English but expect to encounter some Swedish as well.
  • First we are going to hold an introduction stream and generate a theme together.
  • After that everyone is mixed into discussion groups on the Discord server. These groups later pitch ideas for game projects.
  • Groups are formed from the pitched ideas. This means that you are not required to join a team before joining the jam.
  • After that we jam away and build amazing games.


The themes were generated by the participants by taking random pairs of words from participant's suggestions. The themes for this year's Spring Game Jam were:

  • Orange Expansions
  • Ghoul Reassembly


Friday 8th 18.00

  • Introduction Stream.
  • Theme generation from submitted theme-words.
  •  Brainstorming together with other jammers on Discord, similar to our IRL jams.
  • Team forming.

Sunday 10th 18.00

  • Game Jam deadline to upload result to
  • Playtesting!


LiU Game Jam is arranged by LiTHe kod - a student association at Linköping University for everyone that likes programming. We usually arrange IRL Game Jams but due to COVID-19 moved this jam Online. Contact us at LiU Game Jam's Discord.


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Low effort Tamagotchi game where you can not die
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Spring Game Jam 2020
Roll the orange to the goal
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Secure your offspring by smearing your fruity juices all over the fields
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Frustrating, Ghouls, Pew pew