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Welcome to Little Bytes, a jam for raising awareness about poverty. I was homeless for a while. It was really bad.

In the United States, poverty is at stunning numbers, with 45 million people below the poverty line. Factor in things like food insecurity, and you have a recipe for sadness.

We'd like to make something different with Food Not Bombs.

Food Not Bombs is an organization that provides free vegan meals made from food rescued from going into dumpsters. They work with grocery stores and have food that would be thrown away put aside instead, collect it, and turn it into a delightful meal that anyone can enjoy.

It's easy to put on blinders and not see poverty but it's common even in our geek spaces. I know plenty of indiedevs who don't know where next month's rent is coming from, living right on the edges of homelessness. So many of us take little bites of our food to make it last.

Little Bytes will feature games with poverty and/or food insecurity as their central theme, game mechanic, or as a part of their character backgrounds. Games should in some way seek to share something with the audience about the experience of poverty. If you are not experienced at making games but would like to share your personal story struggling with poverty, dynamic or interactive fiction made on Twine is also highly acceptable. Here is an excellent resource post from @hologramvron.

Little Bytes will take place 10/15/15 - 10/31/15.

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