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Remember that episode of Rick and Morty? It had me staring at the screen in horror afterwards. Why? I blame my childhood. Being forced into a cramped. dark van with pictures of diseased organs and anthopomorphised body parts pinned to the walls, so a talking giraffe and this monstrocity with its glow-in-the-dark digestive tract could scare sensible eating into me (it worked, I guess) really started a life-long fascination/fear of the human body.

Not enough games exploit this fear, so I dare you all to change this.


[Insert organ(s) of your choice] is under attack. Create a game (of any kind) in which the enemy is not supposed to be there. Physical depiction of disease or parasites is a good start. Combat can be between the player and the enemy, or it can be between the enemy and the environment.


Perhaps checking out a line of '90s toys called Body Wars would help. I'd also recommend checking out those horrifying CGI representations on Google (if only I could remember the name of that '90s TV show about a woman walking around inside a giant human body).