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Hi, Everyone's favorite Internet Nurse Penny here! So here's the deal. Inspired by Zandra and Cat Wishes, here's the first (maybe only depending on how it goes!) Lite novel jam.

Light novels! Which generally means a small book with interspersed pictures. (though if you wanna skip on the pictures that's cool too) In this case we are looking for a small story anywhere from 8k words to 21k, We wanna read what you have to offer!

Unofficial rules from the Official Nurse:

No underage, No incest, Keep it pg-13.

 Try and post what you are doing, tweet it with #litenoveljam2k18 so others can see and work with you.

 Be nice! Some folks are just starting out and deserve just as much support as old lite novel veterans.

 Dont be bigoted in anyway, I will not tolerate or accept anything that is in any way bad to any sort of people.

 Try and put content warnings at the beginning of your story.

And above all else enjoy yourself! 

Collaborations are super welcome! if you wanna plan with a teammate, please check the forum. keep it nice in there,

If you need any help and can't get to us here, tweet @caramelqp or @ishtararisen and one of us will help out.

Having trouble coming up with an idea whole cloth? Feel free to hit up one of the other inspirations for the jam: Light Novel generator! Warning, due to the random nature of the bot some things definitely break the above rules, browse with caution!


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A light novel about awkward girls crushing on eachother
a story about love, transformation, and found family
Here's the story I wrote for the Lite Novel Jam!
I Took An Arrow For That Nice Druid Girl And... Wow, I Didn't Know This Could Happen If You Got Reincarnated?
I Became A Magical Girl To Protect My Cool Buff Girlfriend...
A young trans girl finds herself the "victim" of a cuteness curse, with some beastial effects!