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Basic Rules and Guidelines:

Commandment 1: The mod in question should to be a mod for POINTLESS, however, it's encouraged to be creative and make your own assets if you would like.

Commandment 2: Manipulating content from Pointless in some way is required.

Commandment 3: Must be finished over a 30 day period.

Commandment 4: Submissions must be complete.

Commandment 5: You are allowed one partner or working alone, no more than that.

Commandment 6: Propaganda is forbidden. Do not beg for people to like your mini-mod.(Unless it's in the mod itself : ))

Commandment 7: You must make only one mod.

And remember, make sure to have fun making these! They can be as long or as short as you like, but it must be finished within the 30-Day time-frame!

If you want more info, or if you aren't a part of it already, you can join the LISA: The Pointless Official Discord using the link below:

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Alex faces his past, present, and future.
Role Playing
Alex is a very bad man who deserves to be punished.
Alex, Joel and other aspects of Pointless put into Painful. Requires Painful to Play