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Zandraverse Light Novelber 2018

Welcome to a writing/art jam for the month of November! A celebration of art, writing, community creations, queer stories and silly light novel titles.

Want to create something literary or literary-adjacent that's not an entire novel? Then this jam is for you! Here's a chance to try your hand at something creative in a safe, supportive environment and put out more queer friendly stories.


Need a theme to get you started? How about: TRANSFORMATIVE EXPERIENCES! Gender affirming transformation, getting an extra pair of ears,  becoming someone (or something) else... the possibilities are endless!

Entry Format

There's lots of ways to contribute!

  • Short story
  • Single chapter
  • 1-3 chapters as a preview of a longer work in progress story
  • Book cover
  • Comic
  • Art collection
  • Interactive fiction (e.g. twine story)
  • ...and anything in-between, illustrated or not!


Please tag entries with Light-Novel along with any of the tags you like to use for your works! And please don't forget content warnings on your submission's page where necessary; let's leave our audience in a better spot than they were. <3

On twitter we will be using the hashtag #lightnovelber2018 - feel free to use this hashtag when posting about the jam or your entries!


Need help with the light novel genre? Check out  Talen Lee's (@Talen_Lee on twitter) guide on writing light novels:
Or read one some light novels on twitch under the tags:

What Else?

Remember: this jam isn't necessarily about finishing something; it's about getting started and having fun! You got this! <3

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