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LIGHT is a rules-lite RPG inspired by the video game Destiny. Let's be real, it's Destiny with the serial number filed off.

More importantly, LIGHT is modular. It's built out of pieces, rather than being a whole. You build the experience you want with LIGHT by including and excluding whatever modules you want.

So, what do you say we make some things for the game? This jam is for any and all things LIGHT. Here are some rules, guidance, and advice:

  • Create anything you want for LIGHT
  • Modules usually are focused on one or two things, rather than trying to cover tooooons of material
  • Feel free to iterate on any existing modules
  • There isn't an established lore for LIGHT. It's pretty obviously Destiny, and I've changed the names of things, but have fun with it and bring in things that inspire you from Destiny
  • I encourage you to put a price on your work, if you are comfortable doing so. If you do so, I would also encourage you to use Community Copies as an option to help those in need
  • If you participate, tweet me @GilaRPGs and let me know! I want to see it, and share your excitement!
  • There isn't any judging here, it's for fun and because we all love Destiny
  • Any games or content that encourages hate or bigotry have no fucking place here. 

The jam will run for about a month. It will wrap up right around the release of Season 1 of LIGHT, something I'll have more to share in the future. For now, let's have some fun!


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An unofficial downtime module for LIGHT
A basebuilding module for Light
An Unofficial Module for LIGHT
A new character origin (Eidolon) for LIGHT.
A new character origin (Penumbral) for LIGHT.
Collect shinies and nab some epic loot
A companion supplement for LIGHT RPG
A custom beacon creation module for LIGHT
A LIGHT class module
A LIGHT ability & power module
A supplement for the Light rpg.
A LIGHT armor module.
A fan-made module for LIGHT.
Descend into the Vault and Investigate a Mysterious Signal in this Module for Light by Gila RPGs