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Thank you for participating in my game jam! This is my first time hosting a game jam, and I've noticed there aren't many full-on life simulations on So I brought it upon myself to harrass game developers to make some games. There are only a few rules, mainly to keep it SFW and have at least some content in the game itself. For all I care you could have the life simulator of a serial killer hoping to make a quaint little family. I've given a two month deadline, so you have all the time in the world to create the game. I hope this game you something cool to do in your spare time!

For all the non-submitters out there, please be kind and supportive of the creators! They took the time to make a game, and they should be appreciated. I hope you will vote for the creators work's to support them. 

The Guidelines:

- Non-word based

- Can grow up, get married, have kids, and get a job

- World can be 3D or 2D, can have an graphic quality

- You can go outside to at least 2 stores, and meet people at a park


-No NSFW is allowed

-Dark humor is allowed 

-No transphobia, homophobia, or hate speech against a religion, race, or political opinion in the game

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