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Welcome to Life Game Jam 2018, where you create a game based on your life in 4 days/96 hours!

The primary purpose of this game jam is to sketch out your life, however stoned, cool, fun, or miserable it is. Just get it all out on the game. Let the game define you as a person and let it show your personality. 

Discord, Twitter & Splash Image

Join the official Discord server for this jam.

You can include cover image in the splash screen of your game (This is not mandatory). Click this link to download the image.

Follow twitter account @LifeGameJam for updates along the way. Tweet your games with #LifeGameJam

You can also follow my personal twitter account @Shree56P if you have any questions. (P.S. I'm just starting out on twitter. I usually use FB or Instagram)


There are no prizes, but the satisfaction of representing your own life in a game is more valuable than anything I can give. 


Anyone interested in posting gameplay videos or streaming the games live can contact me. I'll place link to your channel down below.


  • Anyone regardless of experience is welcome to participate! The goal is to create a game based on your life. It can be messy, it can be polished, it can be a character searching for meaning, etc. You understand what I mean.
  • I highly recommend you to work solo. But if you want to work in a team, don't exceed the team limit of 4 members. For example: You can work with your friends and create a game about all the crazy things you did together. 
  • You can use any game engine or framework.
  • It is highly discouraged to work on your game before the jam because it sucks out the real fun for which this jam was primarily intended.
  • You can use publicly available assets, but do mention this when submitting your game. Be sure to double check on the permissions from the respective owners.
  • Finally, have a good time. ENJOY! 


After the submission period, you'll be able to rate entries based on the following criterias:

  • Overall
  • Craziness (how crazy do you think is the game developer's life, not the game but the person's life that reflects through his/her game.)
  • Graphics/Visuals
  • Game Innovation
  • Fun 
  • Audio

The voting period will run for about 10 days.

Rate and leave feedback on the games you play!


What platform should I create my game for? You can create your game for as many platforms as you can. Just make sure, it at least plays on Windows or plays in the browser. Additionally, you can add builds for Max and Linux. Also, you can build for Android and IOS.

Can I start thinking about game ideas ahead of time? Yes! Just don't start making the game.

Can I use openly available assets?  Yes, but I do not take responsibility for any unauthorized use and any consequences that may result from its use.

Which game engine should I work on? As long as the game is playable and created by yourself, you can work on any engine that you find yourself most comfortable with.

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