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This jam is GRAPE

This game jam is more focused towards newbie who want to get their patreon up and running but returning contenders are also very welcome. Down below second verse same as the first.

The objective of this jam is for the participants to create any kind of game where sexually stimulating content is the primary focus of the game. Mildly lewd ("ecchi") games and cute-lewd games are also acceptable! The particular game mechanics, genre, level of sexual explicitness and fetishes represented are entirely up to the participants.

Note: There should be no issues with posting a lewd game on itch; just make sure your content does not break any laws or contain truly obscene material eg. pedophilia.


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It's really bouncy
A Torturerotic Escape Comedy
Visual Novel
Play as a succubus fighting to reclaim her power after a 3000 year slumber
Role Playing
Beat up monster babes