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We are proud to host the first annual Level one: JAM. Our very own game jam at ITU.
It will take place the weekend of the 9th-11th of February.and the tickets will be a budget friendly 20kr + the fee. There will be free snacks throughout the weekend and some nice prizes.
We encourage first time jammers to come out and jam with experienced game jammers.
If you have been to our Global Game Jam site before not much will change. We hope to provide a beginner friendly, cheap and cozy alternative to Global Game Jam and Nordic. 
Hope to see you there.

FRIDAY 15:00 - Check in begins (2A30) 16:00 - Talk by Nis Kløjgaard followed by Praveen Namasivayam 17:00 - Theme Announcement and Group Forming (Auditorium 1) 18:00 - Workshop: Introduction to Unity (Auditorium 1)

SATURDAY 14:00 - Workshop: 3DS Max Basics (Auditorium 1)

SUNDAY 14:00 - Deadline! You gotta hand in your game if you wanna be in it to win it!  15:00 - Votation and checking out other peoples games. (Auditorium 1) 17:00 - Announcement of winner and ending remarks. (Auditorium 1)

Is re-entry allowed at the jam site?
Yes, the doors will remain open for as long as the site is open. In the case they’re closed and locked, contact a volunteer. That can happen by writing us on our social media.

How do I connect to the WIFI?
You can ask for access at the check in desk, where one of our volunteers will help you set it up!

Can I bring a desktop PC, VR set-up or some other crazy machine?
Bring whatever you are comfortable using and bringing. Just be sure to keep an eye out for it: we are not responsible if anything gets stolen.

Can I sleep at the location overnight?
Sadly, no. This is because of a strict fire code set for the building. We recommend going home and sleeping there.

Can I bring a friend(s)?
Everyone with a ticket is welcome!

How do I check in upon arrival?
We will set up a check in desk on the second floor of the building at ITU. The check-in starts at Friday 9th 15:00 and is expected to be done by Sunday 11th 17:00.

Will there be snacks and drinks?
Yes! The lovely people over at Nordic Game Jam have been kind enough to sponsor snacks for all the participants of the jam.

Does it cost anything to attend?
It costs 20 Kr + ticket fee.

Should I come with a team or will there be solo people there to team up with?
You can come with a team, but we encourage people to show up solo and get the chance to work with some new collaborators!

I am in a wheelchair or have special requirements in regards to accessibility
This is generally not a problem at ITU, but please contact anyone related to the jam before arrival. This can happen be either writing directly to us at Facebook or Twitter.

There will be taken pictures at the event. If I do not want pictures taken of me, how do I avoid this?
Just let the jam team know. Either in advance through Facebook or Twitter, or at check-in


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Level 1 Game Jam 2018-ITU
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