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Hello everyone! It's time to jam and expand your abilities!

Have you been thinking of trying out a new tool? Art style? Music tracker? Game engine? Development environment? Here's a chance to get that ball rolling by learning and making something in a jam format!

36 Hours

You'll have from 9:00 AM PDT Saturday June 17th, until 9:00 PM PDT Sunday June 18th to learn, create, and submit. (16:00 UTC Saturday June 17th to 4:00 UTC Monday June 19th.)

This is not much time, so here are some suggestions:

• Scope very small
• Don't use too many new tools at once if you can help it.
• Follow tutorials. (Be sure to properly credit the tutorial if your work is based on it!)
• Leave the polish for after the jam. Submissions don't receive ratings, and reviewing your own work later can help you improve further!


Your submission should include:
1) What you made. A game, an interactive experience, or some asset(s) (e.g. music) which could hypothetically be used in a game.
2) A description of what you used and what you learned during the jam. This is also a chance to introduce it to others.


• What you make and submit (submission item 1) must be made start to finish during the 36-hour jam window.
• You just must learn something new during the jam such that you are able to write about it (submission item 2). Keep in mind that application of new knowledge is part of learning.

Can I start early? / I already know how to use all my tools.

Don't hesitate to learn now or whenever you get the craving!

Other Points

• Teams are allowed.
• There is no theme.
• There are no ratings, rankings, or prizes. Entrants will however be encouraged to check out and comment on each other's work after the jam ends. The prize is what you make, and the skill you gain!

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Pixel Art Animation and Movement done for the Learn a Tool or Technique Jam
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