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And all the world's a TTRPG, and all the people merely players.

For this jam, we turn to the stage! You can interpret that as you wish - you could create a ttrpg based on a play (such as Jared Sinclair's Waiting For Godot game), or you could write a a game about managing a stage, or anything else stage-related that takes your fancy.

Lead Roll is the fourth in a series of monthly game jams I'm aiming to run throughout the year, over the last weekend of each month. The recommended submission is a mini ttrpg (5 pages or fewer), but if you have something else in mind then let me know!

You can find a collection of all previous jam submissions here - this will be added to after each deadline. Use them for inspiration, or just play them!

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a system-agnostic experimental playbook for the social storyteller
A short one-player game with a multiplayer option