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Ludum Dare is an online community best known for "Ludum Dare", the Accelerated Game Development Event of the same name (also called a "Game Jam"). During a Ludum Dare, developers from around the world spend a weekend creating games based on a theme suggested by the community.
The next Ludum Dare (LD36) has a Real World Gatherings in a Real tropical venue: Gran Canaria! If you want take part of this Game Jam you are in the right place.


La Ludum Dare es una comunidad online encargada de organizar el evento del mismo nombre: una Game Jam o evento acelerado de desarrollo de juegos. En una Ludum dare, desarrolladores en diferentes lugares del mundo se pasan un fin de semana completo creando un juego a partir de un tema elegido por la comunidad.
Este evento pretende acoger en la isla de Gran Canaria a todos los que quieran participar en la siguiente Ludum Dare bajo un mismo techo.

Join us, we have cookies!

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Friday: Presentation, Group Forming, Developer Talks (in spanish) and Networking Dinner
Saturday Morning: Theme announcement
Saturday - Morning: Game jamming Night: Game Presentation


Theme: The theme will be announced when the jam start
Eating. Lunch included for all 2 days! (Saturday-Sunday) and Dinner on Friday and Sunday. We will also have Canarian Snacks!
Power. All the power surge you need! Bring some power strip for your team.
Internet. There's wifi at the venue. There may be a wired router too.
Sleeping. You can't sleep there, but you can find a lot of nice place to stay in the nearby. We have many recommended and cheap hostels:

Equipment. Bring your own computer/tablets/esotic device and don't be afraid to share!


The jam will take place in IncubeGC, Avenida de la Feria 1, 35012 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

(click on maps for directions)


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You're a Jonh Doe running away from a golem of Atlantis.
Olympic Wars Forge Of Vulcanus
¡Defiende el planeta Amish de la tecnología... con tecnología antigua!
Whip your friends!
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