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Welcome to the jam that no one really cares about, the Lazy Jam!!! *Forced Applause*

The Lazy Jam is quite simple, actually very simple. All you do is well not try that hard, BE LAZY! Make a game you never thought of making. Strive for a game that is so simple/basic that its actually fun! Anyways im not sure where im going with this so imma just go do the rules and then itll probably make more sense. Yeah.

Rules that you should obey, i mean if you don't obey then its no biggie, but you should like obey them anyways:

  • Make a game, but don't try too hard. try just enough where people will say, "This person barely even tried".
  • Use the basic fonts (Arial or Comic Sans) for the fonts of your game (unless you want to do challenge #3 then forget this rule)
  • Even tho the game will be simple, try to make it fun and entertaining
  • Use only the standard colors (ROYGBIV & B/W)

Challenges that would be pretty cool if you tried to incorprate them into ur game:

  1. Use or the paint application on windows to make your graphics (if your on mac then just use whatever application it comes with that is like these)
  2. Incorprate any if these words into your game's idea: Dream, bed, sleep, lazy, no one cares (btw, no one cares, is one word ;D)
  3. Make your own font, as in design all the words yourself
  4. have at least one of the characters in the game a platypus, idk why but it would be pretty cool

Anyways have fun, because thats all that matters. (Also if i dont see at least one platypus im gonna be pretty disappointed)

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A defend-your-base-game where you play as Goku, the protagonist of DBZ.
The original worm/snake game with other crazy game modes.
A Hardcore 2D Platformer with a bunch of difficult levels.