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Last Minute Jam

July 29th - July 31st

Theme: Ancient

This is a jam for people like me who wants to get a game done in time for 1 Game a Month but couldn't work on a full game. Of course this might not be the only reason you want to join, whether it's practice for the upcoming Ludum Dare, or just because you're bored and need something to do that weekend this is the perfect opportunity to test your metal and gain some gamedev experience.

On July 29th at the start of the jam, I will announce a theme here and on my twitter under the #LMJam tag. The use of the theme is entirely optional and really the theme serves more as a launching off point for ideas than a guideline. Note that the voting category theme isn't how well the game fits the jams theme, but how cohesive the games theme whatever it may be is.

Working in teams is allowed, however all of the assets and programming must be done during the 48 hours (with the exception of publicly available libraries or code bases/engines). Only one member of the team can upload the game, but all members are encouraged to vote on the other entries (please don't vote on your own game/a game that you worked on).

After the jam ends, there will be a 2 week period of voting before the winner of the jam is announced. Games will be rated on 5 different categories. The first is overall. This is your general opinion on the game and how good you think it is as a whole. The next is gameplay. This is essentially all of the interactive parts of the game that you had some level of control over. Art speaks for itself as does Sound, but the last one, Theme, is a bit confusing at first. As said above, it is not how well the game matches the jams theme, but how cohesive and appealing the theme established within the game is. This is everything from the story and atmosphere within to the interactions and levels explored.

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    You have to survive 7 days in a maze while someone is chasing you.
    Hearthstone-like turn-based two-players strategy game.
    A game about exploring an ancient cave.
    Uncover the prophecy of a long gone race and start the universe anew.
    A simple Game made for the " Last Minute Jam"
    LMJam, Unfinished Very Unfinished Z X and C to shoot the cannons at incoming ships
    Play in browser
    A simple game for the LMJam