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And the theme is...


Quick Facts


It's back! LameJam is an Ottawa-based game jam for first timers where we bring students, educators, and industry professionals together to not just jam, but to offer talks and mentorship during the weekend to provide jammers with helpful tools and inspiration to help you through your first ever jam. You have two days to design and develop either a digital or tabletop game. No experience in making games? Make this your first! Jammed before? You're welcome as well! LameJam is all about working together, co-operating, and giving yourself a chance to try and to learn new things.

Getting Involved

  • Join our Discord Server
  • Join this jam on!
  • Have experience? Take on a Mentor role on the Discord to help first-timers during the weekend!
  • Just want to attend talks? Check out the schedule below for info!

Rules and Allowances

  • A theme will be announced in the opening talks. All submissions should follow the theme in some way, but you may interpret it however you like!
  • Below you will find a list of Optional Constraints. You and your team may choose to use these for creative aids or extra challenges if you wish, but you do not have to!
  • Your game may be digital OR tabletop. We encourage the use of as a free tabletop prototyping tool, but paper instructions and printables are perfectly fine!
  • You may work alone or in a team; however, we strongly urge joining a team. Need some help finding one? Join our Speed Friending after the theme announcement to find team mates!
  • You must have the rights to all assets used
  • There is no ranking! Submit anything you have and show it off to the community. It's not about being the best, just about trying your best

Talk Schedule

Godot Game Engine WorkshopWorkshopForest Anderson
Opening KeynoteJamForest, Connor
Jam Skills: Quick, Iterative PrototypesTalkConnor Hillen
Day 1 EndsJam
Day 2 StartsJam
Open Source Game DevelopmentFun TimeForest Anderson
Production Skills for Game JamsTalkConnor Hillen
Retro Repair StreamFun TimeBITSoc
Exporting and Publishing Godot GamesWorkshopForest Anderson
Playtest Session!Fun Time
Day 2 EndsJam
Day 3 StartJam
Submission Period!Jam
Local Industry PanelTalkSkyPyre Studios, TBD
Closing Statements, Playtest CallFun TimeForest Anderson, Connor Hillen

Optional Constraints

Consider these creative boosts! Your team can choose to use these constraints or not, and any combination. Have a look through them and see if anything sparks an idea!

Category Name Description
Visuals 🔥Nitro Boost😎 The only sprites in your game are emoji.
Visuals Palette 404 Your game has at most 4 distinct colours.
Visuals Personification At least 3 assets come from pictures taken during the jam.
Development Data Scientist Your entire game is playable in a spreadsheet.
Development Web 3.0 Your game looks like a normal website, but looks are deceiving.
Sound Bleep Box All sounds were made by the team recording themselves.
Sound Recycle All sound effects are modifications of the same starting sound.
Gameplay 30 Seconds or Less Your game is played in at most 30 second sessions.
Gameplay Four Buttons Your game can be played with at most four inputs.


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Don't catch the rotten apples!
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Space mech trading game for Lamejam 2021
This game made during the LameJam 2021.
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Capture ghost and weapons!
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Capture the right moment to go forward
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Lame Jam 2021 Submission! Theme: Capture
Interactive Fiction
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My own version of 2 player Pong. Didn't have a bunch of time to devote to the Jam but still wanted to learn something.
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