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This month’s theme is “Overcoming of Fear”

What does this mean for a setting where it’s expected that Samurai do not fear death? Is it fear for their souls, like in the case of a Shadowlands threat? A fear of lost legacy like with the Lying Darkness? Or simply a fear of not meeting their lord’s strict expectations? 

There are many applications of this theme that are obvious, but still there are infinitely more besides that. Best of luck, and overcome your fear of this challenge. Although one page is such a limited amount of space, we believe you’ll do great!

Submit your one-page adventure – The most popular entry will win a physical copy of the 5th Edition Supplement "Fields of Victory" and the accompanying adventure "Blood of the Lioness", or an equivalent amount of credit through DriveThruRPG ($60). The top three submissions will be featured on the CourtGames RPG podcast where we will give our general thoughts and tips.

This is a month-long jam (Apr 1 - 30) -- 3 weeks will be dedicated to submissions, followed by 1 week of voting.
Contest will be voted on by the community, where the "overall best" will win.

Link to submissions from last year:


  • You may enter solo or as a team.
  • One page means the submission must fit on one side of one page of paper (US Letter or A4).
  • Your submission does not have to be based on the provided theme.
  • You can include any number of NPCs, locations, and novelties, so long as it fits on one page.
  • Does not have to be in “Challenge focus strike” or “Adventure seed” format.
  • The submission must be put under the “Creative Common Attribution-Share Alike 3.0” license.
  • Each submission must include this on the page: “” 
  • Each submission must have a title and an author name.
  • Submissions must not include intellectual property (IP meaning art, iconography, etc.) or violate copyright or trademarks of others.
  • Only one entry allowed per single author or team.
  • Submissions can be replaced/revised up until the submission deadline (April 23rd).
  • Do not use font that is too small to read, (below 8 pts is going to start to push your luck).
  • Keep file size of the PDF under 6MB.
  • A link to a web page (blog, Ko-Fi, Patreon) can be submitted along with the PDF and it will be posted to the contest page.
  • Submissions must be written in English.
  • Submissions must be sent no later than 04/23/22 23:59 UTC, after which the voting period will continue for one week.


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