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The GDC, ACM, and the Department of Computing and Information Sciences are proud to host the Second Annual Invitational Game Jam, Feburary 5-7, 2016. This is a 48-hour competition where student teams of 1-4 will compete in building an original computer game around a theme (to be announced at the opening ceremony). The competition is open to K-State students and students from other post-secondary institutions. We will be providing event t-shirts and catered meals and snacks to all participants!

Registration Open!

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Game Jam Location

The Game Jam will be held in The Engineering Complex Phase IV, on the Manhattan Kansas Sate University campus. Parking is available for participants to the north of the building, and overflow parking is available in the lot across from old East Stadium.


Friday, February 5th

6:00pm - 7:00pm, Registration & Dinner

7:00pm, Kickoff Ceremony

After that... Game Jammin!

Sunday, February 7th

2:00pm-4:00pm, Judging

4:30pm, Awards Ceremony


Interested in becoming a sponsor for the Game Jam? Contact Nathan Bean at (785) 532-6350 or


  1. What is a Game Jam? A Game Jam is an event where game developers (and aspiring game developers) get together and make games over a short span of time - usually a few days. The short duration encourages inventiveness and creativity, as it allows developers to try out new ideas. While they are competitions and prizes are to be won, a Jam is really about having fun and making awesome small games.
  2. Who can participate? The K-State Invitational Game Jam is open to all K-State students as well as students from other universities and colleges. We also need sponsors and judges - if you are interested in helping with either of these activities, please contact Nathan Bean at
  3. Do I need to know how to program? No - there are many ways to contribute to a game project, and building a game is best accomplished by a team working together. In addition to programming, games need art, music, sound, stories, and most importantly - ideas!
  4. Do I need game development experience? We're open to all levels of experience. After all, Game Jams are also about learning - and what better way to learn than by jumping in with a supportive team? And we have game development software to support everyone from an experienced developer to a complete beginner.
  5. Can I be on a team? Absolutely! Up to four students can compete as a team, sharing the challenge of making a game. You can either find a team before you come, or you can let the Game Jam staff help you find your ideal match.
  6. Is there a limit to how many people can participate? As we need to ensure we have enough food and space, we will limit the number of signups, so be sure to sign up soon.
  7. What do I need to participate? Yourself. You may also bring any books, software, and other resources you want. Also, a pillow and a sleeping bag, as well as a towel, washcloth, and soap, may help make the Jam a more comfortable experience for you.
  8. Will there be computers/software for us to use? While you are encouraged to bring your own laptop, we will also have a number of computer labs at our disposal, pre-installed with helpful game development software and broadband internet connections.
  9. 45 hours? What if I get tired/dirty/stir crazy? We'll have regular guest speakers, activities, and board games on hand for when you need a break. There will also be a quiet room where you can power nap, and shower facilities in the nearby Ahearn Field Complex.
  10. Free food? What meals do we get? Participants will be fed dinner on Friday, Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and Sunday breakfast and lunch. There will also be snacks available throughout the Jam.
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An abstract game made with Love2D and features a child in a diabetic coma trying to figure out how to manage it.
Role Playing
Free Falling Resource Management Game About Diabetes
Fight vampires while struggling with your own diabetes.
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Pac-Man based diabetes game
Move with wasd, shoot with mouseclick, click on the info page. Have to alt-f4 out
web game
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