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Welcome to the first ever Distributed Game Jam for Fall 2017, presented by the KSU Game Design and Development Club! 

We are excited to present the opportunity to make your very own game in just two days. No matter how grand or minute, 3D or 2D, made solo or with 20 people, this is your opportunity to work on a game and help yourself become a better game creator. No experience in anything required. If you feel inadequate in your abilities, don't worry! Find a group or friend to team up with and provide your skills, because let's be honest; you have them! The best part about making games, is that we play them. Design, code, audio, music, art...just have fun--and create fun!

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Throw veggies at a delinquent knight to teach him a lesson!
Was King Arthur the real hero? Play as Excalibur and help King Arthur kill endless hordes.
An experimental 2.5D art style beat em' up for a 48 hour game jam.
Team Alpha Digital - KSU Jam 2017