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KorGE Gamejam is a 72 hour challenge to develop a game in KorGE, which is 100% Kotlin.

You can learn more about KorGE here:

Who can join?

Anyone who wants to participate. You can work alone or in a team. 

Theme and genre

The theme of the game will be made public once the JAM starts. The genre is not limited, you can choose it yourself.

On Friday the 12. of june at 0:01 CET (thats the night from thursday to friday) we will post the jam's theme/topic on the following channels:


  • 1st : 300 € +  1 year Jetbrains All Products Pack license 
  • 2nd: 150 €
  • 3rd: 50 €

PreJAM Lottery

To help us spread the word, we introduce a lottery before the JAM with a separate prize pool worth 100 €. We give away, to 50 € Amazon gift cards to a randomly chosen participant who provides any of these actions: 

(To avoid spam and duplicates only Twitter and GitHub accounts created before 1-May are elegible to win one of the Lottery prizes.)


The winners must publish the source code of their KorGE game after the JAM. Their work will be linked and credited on the KorGE website and all KorGE media channels. Other participants are not forced to publish the source code, but that would be appreciated and their work will be  linked and credited under the same terms as the winner's projects.


Members of the KorGE organization will judge your work and determine the winners

Code of conduct

In KorGE we really value diversity and want this JAM to be an inclusive, harassment-free contest where everyone, independently to its gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, religion etc. is welcome and should and will be respected the same including participants, organizers, sponsors and anyone related to the event.

More details here:


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This is a simple game about raiding a dungeon for loot.
Role Playing
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This time you are the enemy! Fight against those electronic protectors.
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A snake game, or maybe not so much
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Are you brave enough?
2D Asteroids like space shooter
A multiplayer tabletop game
KorGE gamejam submission--based on classic space shooter games
Thanks Korge Team for good Game-Jam
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A flappy bird clone game
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Destroy enemy's turrets in space
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