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Let's make some games!

During last year's International Festival of Comics and Games in Łódź we've managed to gather a crew of 40 game developers who have spent an entire weekend creating video games, board games, card games and more!

This year we're doing it again!

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Our first game created on gamejam
A game made on Komiks Game Jam 2 where you become a Bear with WORST SUPERPOWER
Play in browser
Local multiplayer
A jam game about a ninja who can become invisible, but only when he's screaming.
It's a game about being a man who can change into tree when day comes!
Local multiplayer fighting game.
pigeon flying
How long can you survive at the North Pole
Simple JRPG & pixel-art try at Komiks Game Jam 2 in Łódź, Poland
Our character has special superpower - he can slow down time... But only in boring situations!