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#KIWIJAM15 | A 48 Hour Game Maker Event

What is KIWIJAM?

An annual, winter, shared, maker-space for NZ game-developers of any kind to meet, collaborate and compete in various global and local competitions.

Come along, hang out, meet new devs, pick up a few tricks, compete in the competitions, work on your own project, get feedback.

Who Can Join?

Anyone can join and it's free. You need to register for this meetup event. We have a max limit of 200 people.

We need people of all disciplines; sound engineers, musicians, coders, scripters, writers, digital painters, modellers, animators, managers, actors...


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Local Multiplayer Ice Cream Shooter/Capture the Flag!
A game where you fight as an innocent ice-cream trying to avenge his lost brother who was eaten by Mr. Melty
Nice day for a sundae drive
Robots controlled by the icecream boss are trying to kill you!
Search the location, Find and Solve the Mystery.
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