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This game jam was inspired by (and with the blessing of) Liam from Sandy Pug Games tweet- a tweet that's a satirical take on what is a common-place occurrence in the world of video game development and release from AAA companies.  I saw the tweet and became misty eyed over the idea of having games about kissing the moon, and what that phrase could mean to everyone who contributed to a single project.

Is the moon our dreams? Is the moon our friend we haven't seen in years? Our found families? Our love?

I don't have the bandwidth at this time to organize a single large-scale project, but being inspired to create and make a game jam in a year where a lot of us are gazing longingly at a rock in the sky... A rock that takes the light of our sun and gives it to us while we wish for better days in the dark... It seemed appropriate. 

I was originally going to start this on the full moon (Dec. 29th) and end it on a full moon in March 2021, but I've decided to release this early so as to not run up against the winter holidays at the end of the month/turning of the new year in January. Enjoy and have fun!

Rules for the Jam

- Your submission cannot be: fascist, ableist, racist, queerphobic, classist, misogynistic, TERF; other forms of bigotry and bigots are explicitly prohibited from taking part in this jam. If you have to ask if any of these apply to you... it most likely does and you can (kindly) get fucked.

- Make any type you game you want - analogue or digital, lyrical or mechanical. Use content warnings if you are dealing with sensitive topics. If you're not sure, let's connect in the Community Section and I can work on helping you find a sensitivity reader for your submission.

- Charge what you want for your work. 

- Share your submission on Twitter with #KissTheMoonJam and/or tweet at me (@herbaria51) so I can signal boost your work!

- Older games are allowed if they fit the theme, so long as you made them in 2020.


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a digital dating-horror game for people who love the moon a little too much
Puzzle your way out of trouble when you're rescued by a mysterious alien from a failed mission to Neptune
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A two player game about the relationship between the sun and the moon.
A journaling game about solitude, discovery, fear, and the furthest reaches of space
An underwater two player game about writing to a loved one while you are apart.
A Moon-Led Game for a Solitary Creative
a romantic journaling game
Small Adventures Towards the Great Beyond
Enter a dreamscape with your lovers to rekindle what was lost.
In the Supplicatorium of the Temple, you plead your case.
You gotta provide the hero a little enrichment. It's, like, part of the Geneva convention
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Lyric Game for Kiss The Moon Jam
Escape to survive. A game by Anagh's World.
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A 1-page RPG about healthy polyamory on the open road
A one-page solo game inspired by poetry
A RPG about space survival, and bringing people back at all costs
Do you ever just write love letters to The Moon?
A role-playing and tarot reading game based on the card game War.